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Feathers And Fleece, Home Of The Newfkom

The NewfkomTM is the non drooling and non shedding Newfoundland hybrid.
Same great size and personality without the drool!

Newfkom Puppies 1800.00
Newfypoo Puppies 1500.00
Deposit 200.00 (applied to cost of puppy)
Delta pet first shipping 495.00
**Now Accepting applications and deposits for Spring 2016
Newfkom puppies, black and white and gray.

Big News!
Mini Newfypoo Puppies have arrived!

the NewfkomTM  is a hybrid bred large bred dog that does
not shed and does not drool.
The NewfkomTM is a trademarked name that
began at Feathers And Fleece Farm in 2005.
The NewfkomTM  is a designer dog that is
achieved by breeding the Newfoundland to the Komondor.
The results are a stunningly large dog, that does not shed
and does not drool.  
The NewfkomTM   resembles the Newfoundland in many ways.
The body of the Newfoundland and the demeanor of the Newfoundland.
The NewfkomTM  has the height of the Komondor and the non shedding
and non drooling characteristics of the Komondor.
This breed still remains docile and passive like the Newfoundland.
Making the Newfkom a number one choice for service and therapy.
In addition to all of the physical characteristics the NewfkomTM
gains better health through hybrid vigor.
Possibly the perfect breed!


Important NewfkomTM Information
Feathers And Fleece Farm spent several years in health testing, vet fees, and searching for the finest
 breeding stock to develop this breed.  Feathers And Fleece developed this breed
and molded it into the incredible breed you see today. 
Feathers And Fleece knows everything about the breed Newfkom, having been the original
breeders and placed hundreds of Newfkoms with very happy clients.
 Once the breed became reality, and it exceeded all of our hopes and expectations,
Feathers And Fleece Farm purchased all the rights to the name Newfkom
in an attempt to keep the breed healthy, well bred and keep the name in
good standing.   Feathers And Fleece Farm owns the registered trademark
to the breed name Newfkom, Newfkoms and will take all steps legally necessary
to protect our trademark. 
Any dog produced without the trademarked name Newfkom is not bred to Feathers And Fleece
 standards, and is not endorsed by Feathers And Fleece Farm.
In breeding the Newfkom, we were aware others might try to capitalize
on our achievements and thought to protect the breed and ourselves in advance.
A well bred Newfkom is nondrooling, and non shedding, calm and even tempered, they make
excellent therapy dogs and service dogs. 
Feathers And Fleece Farm breeds and places the finest, well socialized puppies.
Feathers And Fleece Farm has placed many Newfkom puppies with families with children
that suffer from depression, ADD and Autism. 
We take the placement of a puppy with a child with special needs very seriously
and spend weeks, with each puppy to insure a perfect placement.
Remember, if its not called NewfkomTM, its not one !